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COVID-19 Update: Telehealth Sessions are available and social distancing is practiced in office. For more information please email me at 

Message From Maggie:

​Let me start by saying that I know how scary the process of finding a therapist can be. Lots of research and reading overly professional bios where half of the words don’t even sound like they are in English! (Just check out my “about me” page!) Give yourself an applause for sticking with it! More than likely you are reading this because everything isn’t sunshine and rainbows. So lets work on that. Listen, I can’t change whatever it was that happened, but I can help with right now. Your pain does not have to define who you are or what you become. Suffering is not necessary. I want you to have a life that is incredible and healthy. You don’t have to struggle alone any longer. So do an act of kindness for yourself and call today!

 And lastly SAHA! (blessings and to your health)

Maggie B. Hatfield, LCMFT, ACHT

Maggie B. Hatfield, LCMFT, ACHT

Haus of Clarity

8080 E Central Ste 320

 Wichita, KS 67206


"Saha" means "Blessings and to your health." If you are feeling "stuck" or overwhelmed it is time for you to feel better. You deserve a happy and healthy life. 


Maggie's office is located at Haus of Clarity in East Wichita, KS in the brick buildings just behind the Central and Rock Rd Starbucks.

Want to know more about the services that Maggie offers? click on the "about" tab located on the top of each page. Also feel free to get in touch with her directly on the contact page.